How to take advantage of SwiftUI to create insanely great apps for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
4th Edition 2023
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4th Edition
October 2023
ISBN: 978-1-7779782-3-5
More than 800 Codes Explained!
More than 300 Projects!
Learn to develop applications with SwiftUI!
SwiftUI for Masterminds is a complete course on how to create professional applications for iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. After reading this book, you will know how to program in Swift, how to design user interfaces, and how to combine traditional frameworks with the advanced features provided by SwiftUI to build modern applications.

In this book we teach you how to build insanely great apps from scratch. Each chapter explores basic and complex concepts; from computer programming and the Swift programming language to database storage, iCloud data sharing, and everything you need to know to develop applications for Apple devices. The information is supported by practical examples that gradually introduce the technologies involved and make them accessible to everyone.

SwiftUI for Masterminds was designed to prepare you for the future and was written for the genius in you, for Masterminds.

More than 800 Codes Explained!
More than 300 Projects!
Amazon Best Seller
Everything you need to know!
Introduction to Swift 5.9 | Swift Paradigm | Swift Concurrency | SwiftData | Declarative User Interfaces | SwiftUI Framework | Multiplatform Applications | Navigation Stacks | Navigation Split Views | Custom Layouts | Scroll Views | Lists and Grids | Tables | Maps | Forms | Graphics and Animations | Charts | Files | Archiving | Documents | iCloud | CloudKit | Camera and Photos | Video View | Web View | Gesture Recognizers | Drag & Drop | Notifications | Internationalization and Localization | UIKit in SwiftUI... and more!
Learn by examples!
Introduction to Swift 5.9
Chapters 1, 2 and 3 provide an introduction to app development and the Swift language to prepare you for the rest of the book. You will learn how to create simple programs in Swift and how to work with the Swift programming paradigm.
Create Declarative User Interfaces with SwiftUI
Learn how to implement SwiftUI to design user interfaces and how to adapt them to changes in the state of the data and the application.
Create Multiplatform Applications
Learn how to create applications that work on iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.
Store information with SwiftData and iCloud
Learn how to work with SwiftData to store user information in a database. Synchronize data with iCloud using CloudKit so your users can share information between devices.
Create Concurrent Code
Learn how to use Swift concurrency to create code that takes advantage of the new Apple multi-core processors, including M1 and M2.
Display Maps and Locations
Learn how to use Mapkit to display a specific region, show popular or custom places, and display de user's location.
Display Custom Graphics and Charts
Learn how to generate custom graphics and animations with SwiftUI, and how to turn data into charts with the new Charts framework.
Access the Camera and Play Videos
Learn how to play videos, create a custom video player, and take pictures with the camera.
What our readers are saying
The missing manual
"This book is outstanding for those new to Swift or SwiftUI. It explains things with just enough detail to get the idea across effectively without going down a rabbit hole. I have several Swift books, and this is the best I've found so far. Somehow, the book seems to know what my questions are as I delve into a topic and supply the answers for me as I'm learning. It could be called the "Missing Manual" for Swift. I highly recommend it."
Straddles the sweet spot between tutorial and reference.
"The book is well written and takes you from novice to high intermediate. The book starts with the most basic swift concepts covering the language from playground exercises and through to the UI interface techniques. What I love most is that it flags what sections are novice, intermediate and advanced."
Great reference for not-so-beginners
"I used this book for the first time today, trying to figure out how to make something draggable. I was very happy with what I found on pages 466-470: basically an example of how to move and snap back, followed by a better example of how to move and snap back, followed by an example of how to move and and stay put at the new location (with explanations in between, of course)."
Comprehensive coverage of Swift syntax and SwiftUI architecture.
"This book drills down deeply into the subject matter and broadly covers language syntax and application architecture. Hundreds of working examples, both simple and elaborate, accompany the crystal-clear text. And, due to the author's meticulous attention to detail, all the examples compile and execute! He goes well beyond basic SwiftUI technology to explain supporting or supplementary software; all part of the development ecosystem. During my 40 years reading dozens of books on software development, I rarely if ever came across a book as good as SwiftUI for Masterminds."
Fantastic book! I find everything I look for, easily.
"I'm taking the Stanford iPhone programming class for 2020, using SwiftUI. I find this book is _perfect_ as a reference for the class. I've run through the book's examples in xcode and then applied them to the Stanford assignments. The farther I get in the book the more I'm impressed by the details, examples, and explanations."
Excellent Resource for Anyone Wanting to Program Using Swift
"I don’t normally spend the time to write Amazon reviews but I have been extremely impressed with this book. I bought it after I had already purchased another SwiftUI book that I found to be worthless. While the first section of this book covers the Swift language and Xcode, the information was very well written and at a level of detail that most professional programmer would want. This book is very readable and will be used by me as go to resource long after I have finished reading."
Goto SwiftUI Reference book
"The book is detailed and well organized with a table of contents that makes It very easy to find exactly what you need to know which allows you to use it as a reference book. The author covers everything you need to know for creating SwiftUI apps. The quality of the pages, print, cover and binding is good. It is a fantastic value as are the authors other books."
Step by Step
Learn only what you need when you need it. Each technology is introduced with examples that only implement what you already know, so you can focus on the new topic and effortlessly understand how it all works.
Learn everything you need to develop professional applications. From the basics of computer programming to the most advanced technologies available today.
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You can read our books from top to bottom as a course, pick a chapter for a quick tutorial, or use as a reference. Our books are the perfect companion for developers. From beginners to experts.
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